Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Online Elementary Science Activity

Title of Activity: Phases of the Moon

Reference Section:

Science Alberta Foundation. (2002). Phases of the Moon. Retrieved Oct. 6, 2009, from http:<"http://wonderville.ca/v1/activities/phases/phases.html">

Grade Level: 6

Subject: Science

Brief Description of Activity:

Students will go to the website, follow along with the dialogue and then complete the activity set out on the site: http://wonderville.ca/v1/activities/phases/phases.html. They will define and demonstrate understanding of the 8 different phases of the moon. Once they are finished they can illustrate their knowledge through drawings and diagrams of the Sun, Earth, and Moon.

General Learner Outcome:

Students will: Observe, describe, and interpret the movement of objects in the sky; and identify pattern and order in these movements.

Specific Learner Outcome:

Students will: Recognize that the Moon’s phases are regular and predictable, and describe the cycle of its phases.

Illustrate the phases of the Moon in drawings and by using improvised models.

ICT Outcomes:

C.1.2.1 access and retrieve appropriate information from the Internet by using a specific search path or from given uniform resource locations (URLs)

C.2.2.1 seek responses to inquiries from various authorities through electronic media

C.6.2.1 select and use technology to assist in problem solving

Rationale for Computer Integration:

Computers have been integrated into this assignment to allow the students to interpret the topic from a different point of view. Instead of the instructor showing the different phases of the moon, the students can see for themselves through the interaction provided through the website. By exploring and answering the questions independently, the students can gain a better understanding and give evidence of that through their illustrations and diagrams.

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